When we started the So Suzy Podcast back on September 9, 2016, we planned on hosting the podcast every two weeks.  However, we had such a great start with our initial launch, that we decided to make the switch to a weekly show in mid-October.  Since that time, our listener base has grown to an incredible 200,000+ and we continue to grow.

Our fresh view of the paper crafting industry and how to build a business around the hobby you love is not only inspiring stampers to sell their cards, but it is encouraging them to enhance their skill set.  Using quality supplies, paying more attention to detail and broadening their horizons and reach.

We enjoy talking about tools, services and stamps that will benefit our listeners, help them grow and set them apart from their competition.  If you feel that your product or services would greatly benefit our listeners, we invite you to submit an application for sponsorship.

We are very selective about our sponsors and we do want to ensure that your services and products are inline with our vision.  If you would like to submit an application, please fill out the following form.  We will respond to your application within 48 hours.  If approved, we will notify you with a list of items we need for your sponsorship program and send you an invoice for your plan.

Currently, our podcast runs every Friday throughout the month including holidays.  The Made It Happen Monday is excluded from the sponsorship program as it is an exclusive interview show featuring a specific company.

If you would like to schedule a podcast specific to you, your products and company, please contact us and we can set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities of having you on our show as a special guest.  Special Guest Shows are scheduled for Wednesday.

If we were to add an additional podcast throughout the month during your contract time, your pricing will not change and your sponsorship plan will automatically roll into the added episode.

Please be advised that we are full supporters of the MISTI product line and we will not extend sponsorship opportunities to companies who infringe upon their patent.

**Podcast unique listens are based on numbers as of March 23, 2017


Our So Suzy Podcast has ONLY 5 Star Ratings across iTunes and Stitcher!  Don't take our word for it, read what some of our fans had to say.

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