Friday, October 13, 2017

Living in a World of Knock Offs

There has been a lot of heated conversations lately over the ever-growing infestation of knock off craft supplies.  Typically, when someone mentions knock offs in the crafting industry, most people immediately gravitate toward the MISTI copycats and the blatant patent infringements some companies thought were ok to violate to make a quick buck.  Foolishness, my friends, foolishness.

However, stamping tools are not the only ones being raped by creatives in the industry.  Stamps, dies and other intellectual property are being stolen, brand names are being stripped from packaging and products are being sold at murderous rates.

For those of you who would like to know how to avoid or spot a scam, this podcast is going to help you identify the offending stamps and respond when you THINK a company is out of line.


When you think a stamp company has had their images stolen, PRIVATELY CONTACT THE OWNER OF THE STAMP COMPANY!

If your images HAVE been obtained illegally, send the offending company a private email letting them know the situation, most cases it was done unintentionally.  Be professional!

As a company, if you would like to get the word out regarding your pirated images, please contact Stamp Junkies Admin, they will be your champions and they will allow you to post in their FB Group how you would like customers to handle the situation.

Do NOT BULLY other companies or crafters.  You only look like a jack ass.

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  1. Thank you for the podcast. I wish people would adhere to this kind of tactfulness and professionalism in ALL aspects of life, not just papercrafting. I think we would be a whole lot happier.

  2. Right?! I do too! Not every little thing needs to be called out on social media and turned into a colossal issue. People really need to stop, think, wait, think some more and probably go take a nap! LOL

  3. I wish you had not chosen to use the word rape to describe theft. I could respect your industry problems if you hadn't taken it that far. Comparing theft of intellectual property to sexual assault is just wrong. You lost me as a listener at that point.

    1. When you create something, it becomes your baby, your child and to have someone maliciously take something from you, it feels like rape. I am certainly not apologizing for the use of the word, to be honest I intentionally used it for that very reason. To convey the heinousness of the act. Thank you so much for letting me know that my point was well made.

    2. I agree with your statement entirely. I am asking for your permission to use your words in my local craft group. We do have a rule that no one should "steal" anyone's ideas, but it happens. I would like to remind our members that it is just "rude" for lack of a stronger word. I listened to your podcast and appreciate the knowledge of the knock offs what to look for. As far as the Misti, I have recently become aware of this great product and will be in the market for one very soon. Thank you!

    3. Michele, by all means! Please do! If people don't "know" or understand the implications, how can they fully grasp the impact? Thank you so much for helping spread the word!!!

  4. I actually had a situation where I saw a major craft company’s products being sold by a no name on her site and FB a while back.
    I emailed the no name and said that I loved the items that I KNEW were knock offs, without letting her know that I knew, and asked her where she came up with such cool designs. I was told that she designed each one on her own. I let her know that I would be getting back in touch with her when I had the funds to purchase them and then emailed the major company to let them know what was going on.
    Within a couple hours of contacting them the no name had removed all of the copied Designs from FB and her site. Even though I wanted to scream from the rooftop who the offending site was I decided that if the major company was happy with the outcome so was I.
    I do check the offender’s site occasionally to make sure they are being true to their word about not cheating and lying about “their” designs.
    Awesome podcast that is very well said! 🙂

    1. Well done, Barbara!!!! That is incredible and you totally handled that with grace, professionalism and class!!!! You rock, woman!

  5. Thanks for this podcast, listening now thanks to finding knock offs of our stamp sets out there :(