Thursday, August 17, 2017

Card Classes and Retreats with Lydia Fiedler

Skype was not behaving during the recording of our podcast so we had to use Zoom, needless to say, the quality is not as good as normal.  I do apologize and I PROMISE once you get used to the "bubbling abyss ocean sounds", you'll be fine!

It would be an extreme disservice to the crafting community if I did not have the bomdiggityshizznit of all crafters on the show to talk about her incredibly cool method of hosting card classes and retreats.  If you are considering starting a card class outside of the how or you are feeling like you want to branch out and start hosting retreats, this podcast is for you!

Lydia shares some of her million dollar secrets, talks about what it takes to host a successful retreat AND we also talk podcasts and serial killers...ya, we're an eclectic bunch!


Hosting Classes Outside the Home

#1 piece of advice: Frequent a local establishment, find out when their slow times are and approach them with the idea of you teaching an art class during this time.  Don't forget to be kind, courteous and to let them know you will encourage your attendees to purchase food after the class.


#1 piece of advice: Attend retreats before hosting your own.  Find out what you like or don't like.

Lydia's Favorites

Favorite technique: Decorating backgrounds - anything inky and messy
Favorite retreat snack: Blueberry Scones that are super special
Favorite serial killer: the moment
Favorite podcast: Serial and Undisclosed

Where to Find Out More About Lydia and Understand Blue

Understand Blue

Don't Forget to Share

Do you host classes or retreats?
What are some of your favorite million dollar tips?
What has been your favorite class or retreat that you have attended?

Share your stories in the comments section!


  1. Thank you so much for the *fabulous* information Miss Lydia and Miss Suzy! i thoroughly enjoyed the podcast and laughing along at some of the mistakes i've made too - will be selling/purging most of the supply kits i put together for class use LOL to recover some costs and give my old bones a break from lugging the stuff back and forth LOL. hugs

  2. I don't understand. Does she just use and 'push' SU or is she promotion all the other good stuff too.

  3. Fantastic podcast! Loved listening to you to ladies! :) <3

  4. I just learned of your podcast and I loved it! I am looking forward to listening to many, many more!

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