Friday, July 21, 2017

How the MISTI Impacts the Stamping World

Three years ago a stamping product was released to the people who followed My Sweet Petunia on Facebook, shortly thereafter, this incredible tool would impact the stamping world like no other.  The MISTI has changed lives, built friendships and revitalized the stamping community.  To celebrate her 3rd birthday, we have a special podcast to talk about some amazing ways you can use your MISTI along with a special from My Sweet Petunia for our listeners!

  So Suzy Podcast 

Show Notes

Where to Find the MISTI

My Sweet Petunia - 20% Off the Original MISTI, Grid Pads and Mouse Pads from today through July 23rd for So Suzy Podcast listeners - no coupon required

Links Referenced

So Suzy Stamps - Mirror Image Stamp

Concord & 9th - Turnabout Stamp

The Ton Stamps - Thanks Stamp Set

Iliana's MIHM Podcast Interview

Lavinia Stamps

Fairy House

Videos Referenced

Justine Hovey

  Gina K Designs

  Ken's Creations

Uses for the MISTI

  • Basic stamping
  • Accurate stamping
  • Solid and silhouette stamps
  • Aligning and test stamping
  • Embossing after you have stamped
  • Die cut placement
  • Stamping on texture paper
  • Layering stamps
  • Mass production
  • Do It Yourself Backgrounds
  • Gradient or Ombre stamping
  • Masking
  • Repeat stamping
  • Stamping the inside and outside of your cards
  • Using acetate
  • Mirror Image Stamping
  • Turnabout Stamps from Concord & 9th

Listener Tip

Today's tip comes from Karen Hightower
Finish the inside of your card and always sign the back of the card.  You have put time and effort into creating it, so sign your creation. - Karen Hightower


  1. Over the past two years, the MISTI has truly inspired my card making skills! When it was first released, although I really wanted a MISTI, I held out for an entire year. Then I realized that I needed this amazing tool! I love to stamp on watercolor paper and the MISTI saves me every time!
    Another great Podcast, Suzanne! ♡

    1. Thank you, Dawn! I just love her and I am not sure what I ever did without her! HUGS, my friend!!

  2. well yeah!! pretend i'm linking a hula girl sticker here

    1. LOL You're MY little hula girl, Miss Dayna!

  3. The day I saw the MISTI for the first time I was in awe. I ordered one the next morning and waited anxiously for its arrival. I have never regretted this purchase. I stamp so much more than I did. thank you for making my stamping easy and fum

    1. Me too!!! I am glad I am not the only one! You are most welcome! HUGS!

  4. I see where it says no coupon needed for the 20% and I click the link to My Sweet Petunia but I can't get the discount to show. Am I doing something wrong?..
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Rene! It is only on the Original MISTI and it will automatically adjust the price in the cart page. It will show up as a Gratitude Discount. =) I hope this helps!

  5. One of my stamping buddies introduced me to the Misti right after Iliana brought them out and I ordered it that same night! I absolutely live it for layering and just general stamping. It's a gem. Mine has some thin cracks in the cover but I'm so careful with it - soft touch comes in at that point. Loved your podcast and I'm going to order the mirror image stamp! Thx.

  6. I am eternally grateful for Misti. I fear I would not have stuck with stamping if I continued to waste and throw away my mistakes. Thank you for giving credit where it is truly due!

  7. I have both the original and mini MISTI's and cannot create without them. I gave one to daughter. We both make hundreds of cards a year and are so happy we can do so more accurately and quickly. I love to shadow stamp by moving the cardstock just a bit after the first stamping. And, signing and putting year on back of card is a must for me. My grand children (all 12) love the fact they can know when the card was made.

  8. MISTI is a must in my crafting; can't create without it! Love my Misti!