Thursday, June 29, 2017

Traditional Planner with Laurie Huff from Quo Vadis

Welcome to our final week of the Planner Series.  I hope you have enjoyed the last several weeks and the guests we have had on the show.  If you missed out on any of the podcasts, you can find them all here.  Also, if you would like to be eligible to win one of the NINE fabulous prizes, please leave us a comment in the show notes by July 6th.  We will be announcing the winners on July 7th!

Today, we have Laurie Huff from Quo Vadis talking about traditional planners, why paper planners are making such a huge come back and how to best utilize the planner that works best for you.


What makes the Quo Vadis Planner so special?

  • Clairefontaine paper
  • Numerous styles, sizes, layouts and colors
  • Refillable with add on inserts
For those of us in the Creative industry or who have a lot going on, do you recommend using one or multiple planners?
  • Have a main planner that has all of your deadlines, if it has a date, it goes in your planner
  • Save your creativity on output not on planning
What advice would you give to someone who is looking for the perfect planner?
  • Stop looking online
  • Write down what you need it to do for you
    • Keep your schedule; personal and work
    • Keep your families schedule
    • Tasks
    • Goals
    • Record to refer back to
  • Try a layout before you buy it and see if it works for you
Don't try to do too much.  You'll feel overwhelmed and underwater. - Laurie Huff

Why do you think paper planners are so popular?

  • Luxurious experience
  • History of your life

Paper planners are an experience technology cannot replicate. - Laurie Huff


Favorite Quo Vadis Planner Style

Favorite Planner Cover and color

Favorite pen to use



Textagenda - Laurie used in the Peace Corps
Space24 - Light Green Tint: Great for lists and lots of busy-ness!

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  1. Another great Podcast, Suzanne! The entire Planner Series has been so interesting! Throughout my teaching career, careful planning was so important every day. A few years into my retirement now, my days are very full and busy again. So, the idea of 'creativity' planner has been on my mind! I love writing Morning Pages (The Artist's Way) and my 'Garden Joys' journal this year is bullet-style, with doodling (Micron and Zig Clean Color pens) on each page. It has been fun to watch my new style evolve over the past few months. I also keep a journal of all of the handmade cards I have sent to family and friends. I think I *might* have to officially join the planner crowd one day soon! ♡ @CottageBlooms

    1. You must!!!!! And you need to take pictures of your journals and post them on IG so I can see them!

  2. Who knows... I may jump on the planner bandwagon yet! Love the Violet Texas Cover shown above. The smaller sized planners are attractive to me, and I like the slim format. I don't need big pages with too much room to fill up! Would like to start small and simple!

    1. Definitely try starting out small and simple and see how you like it. I was skeptical about this whole planner thing, but I truly am having a ball!

  3. I have really enjoyed this series. I was using a minimalist bullet journal but have gone back to a traditional planner, with a small matching notebook that I keep the key items in because it fits in any purse I have. this is my TODO list for the months, and a quick summary of appts. but my planner has all the details and daily journal / stuff. It is a desktop cause it doesn't fit in many of my purses.

    1. I like the idea of having the notebook in your purse for the key items! I am grateful I don't leave the house much, but I do have a Bunkie Bag for my TN, although, a fabulous lady gifted me a Junkie Bunkie that may end up being my new Journal Bag!!!!

  4. I am really liking the planner podcast series. I just began bullet journaling a couple months ago. I really like how I can write everything in it and have it in one place. The more difficult part is a good way to keep track of appt. for the future. I think that the Quo Vladislav planners are very neat because I can have that planner and the notes inside the same cover. I really like the red Texas cover. Bright colors help me to feel even more motivated.

    1. It's amazing how colors can inspire!! I love the idea of the inserts inside the Quo Vadis planners, it's like having a 21st century Traveler's Notebook!

  5. My 17 year old LOVES planners..and it cheers my organizational heart to see her agonize in organization department of stores over which planner to try next...she is slowly figuring out what she likes/doesnt like....too big or too small and she loses it...making your own or having it already done up for yo...i TOO really like the Violet Texas cover and would gladly give it to her to try the BEST planner that I have found to organize EVERYTHING needed. thanks for this podcast series...I am hoping my daughter will listen to it and get more/new info on what she really wants out of a planner