Monday, June 26, 2017

MIHM with Marcia Francois the Organising Queen

Welcome to Made It Happen Monday with Marcia Francois the Organising Queen!  Today we talk to Marcia about living life intentionally, how to find time to do the things you love and her advice for finding the perfect planner for your lifestyle.


Marcia's Main Purpose or Focus - "Inspire people to take action."

Why Marcia thinks people sabotage themselves when it comes to finding time to do things they love - "It's a badge of honor to be busy"

"I have enough time for everything that is important to me." - Marcia Francois
Advice for people who are struggling with finding the perfect planner:
 "Go with simplicity and you need to know yourself"

Marcia's piece of advice for those of us who are crafters
 "Know in advance what you want to do and set up your environment for success." -Marcia Francois

Marcia's Favorites

Favorite organizing or time management system - Meal Planning
Favorite service she offers - Coaching
Favorite Pen(s)

  • Pilot G2 .7mm
  • Pentel EnerGel .7mm

About Marcia

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Marcia and I in Stirling

First night in town and she talked me into eating Indian food!
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  1. I'm feeling inspired! 15 minutes cleaning and organizing then creating. Thank you both!

    1. Oh ya, baby!!!!! You are more than welcome!