Thursday, June 22, 2017

Jessica Marie Design - Custom Printable Planners

Welcome back to Week 4 of our Planner Series with Jessica Marie Design.  Jessica designs and creates Printable Planners that you can simply download and print or if you need something custom, she can design planner pages that work for you and your needs.  I have been using Jessica for several years and she never fails to wow me with her ability to take what's in my head and make something invaluable for my planning needs.  Plus, she shares with us a few of her planner hacks on how YOU can decide which planner is best for YOUR lifestyle.


If you are having a hard time figuring out the type of layout that works best for your lifestyle, Jessica recommends downloading sample planner layouts, use them for a week and see which one you prefer before purchasing a planner.

Try Jessica's Free Downloads

Jessica's Favorites

Favorite Paper to Use to Print - Cardstock
Favorite Planner Layout - Business Daily Planning Page

Favorite Printable Design - Colorful Stripes and Confetti

Favorite Printable - Password Log Page

Suzanne's Custom Printables

Podcast Planner Kit

Where to Find Jessica Marie Design

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  1. Love the free downloads to try out! Since I am brand new to planners, that's a big help in deciding what I might like!

    1. YEAH!!! Can't wait to hear which one you like best!

  2. Trying out the downloads. Never really thought about whether or not my planner is set up the way I want. Definitely will be taking a look at what Jessica has

    1. Woo hoo!!!!! I hope you find something FAB!

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