Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bullet Journaling with Helen Colebrook from Journal with Purpose

Welcome to week 2 of our Planner Series!  Today, we are talking with Helen Colebrook from Journal with Purpose and how she uses her Bullet Journal to plan her days.  When I first found Helen on Instagram, I was completely enamored of her simple layout style, the way she combined work with home and her blog post on Using Your Bullet Journal to Get More of the Good Stuff Done.

I have always wanted to use a bullet journal since the first time I saw a picture of my friend, Krys Salvetta using hers.  After my interview with Helen, I am happy to report that I finally bought not one but TEN bullet journals, I am seriously addicted. During our interview with Helen, she takes us through what she loves about using a bullet journal for her planning, how she stays organized, tips and tricks and some of her favorites.



The Bullet Journal is referred to as an "analog system for the digital age" by Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal.  According to Helen, she loves its simplicity, because you can use it anyway you want.  If you want to just use it for lists, keeping track of your schedule, using it as an art journal or a combination of all the above, the bullet journal is a true reflection of you.
It's peaceful, not a chore. Helen Colebrook - Journal with Purpose

Helen's System

Check out how Helen uses her Bullet Journal with her Traveler's Notebook. Plus, her fabulous Tip-in card that she uses for her main goals for the week.


Traveling Bullet Journal

See the pictures of the Traveling Bullet Journal, the spreads from the people involved and where it is now.  Traveling BuJo Updates You can also search for #thetravelingbujo on instagram.  

Helen's Favorites

Favorite Pen - Staedtler Multi Pigment Liner Favorite Ways to Decorate - Washi Tape, Planner Stickers and doodling Favorite Use - Gratitude and Memory Pages  

Important Tips from Helen

Use your last page in your Bujo as a pen test page to make sure it works nicely in your bullet journal.

Recommended Supplies

Rhodia Bullet Journal - Heavier paper and allows for more art journaling, watercoloring, Tombow Dual Brush Pens work GREAT!  (Personally, I like the A5 size)


  Staedtler Pigment Liners - great for writing, but also for watercoloring and using with Tombows

Links Referenced

Using Your Bullet Journal to Get More of the Good Stuff Done
Traveling BuJo
Ryder Carroll
Ninja Traveling

Where to Find Helen and Journal With Purpose


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  1. I belong to a terrific Facebook page called "Minimalist Bullet Journals". Lots of great ideas there. bullet journals are great.

    1. Are you going to bring yours with you to Junkiefest?

  2. I really loved this podcast. I think it spoke to part of me that needs to write things down but doesn't want to write a ton. I also REALLY want to start making art in a journal! I need to find her IG account and follow!!!! Thank you so much for providing this!

    1. Yes, you do! She is amazing and totally inspired this new obsession! LOL

  3. Lots of great ideas! I am trying to figure out where to begin.... I see lots of fun samples but I am a bit overwhelmed! Need to start simple! But I want it to be fun and colorful!

    1. Definitely start out simple! We have a lady coming up on Thursday that has free downloadable printables so you can see which one is your favorite before you invest. She is INCREDIBLE! (And super colorful! LOL)