Friday, May 12, 2017

Habits and Accountability: Take Time for Yourself

Whatever habit you create for yourself, it’s up to you to decide you’re worth it and to take the time you need.  Life is too short and there are a ton of fabulous projects to work on, hobbies to learn and art to create.

Today's podcast is sponsored by My Sweet Petunia and the amazing MISTI.

There are only so many hours in a day and the time we do get to take for ourselves is precious.  It’s nice to know that we do find that “me” time, it’s not wasted with ruined cards because the ink didn’t distribute evenly.  And having that MISTI will make sure every card is beautifully stamped, regardless if it is one card or 50.  You never know, maybe this is the year I actually send Christmas cards to everyone.


  1. Wonderful words - just had a chance to sit down and listen! Such an important thing to carve out that few minutes of mind refreshment :)

    1. I agree!!!! I like that "mind refreshment"! Brilliant!