Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our Story

Last year I had the privilege of being interviewed by Chloe Thomas from eCommerce MasterPlan about our So Suzy Stamps story.  All of the times I have interviewed people and hosted a podcast, I have never been on the "other end" of an interview!  I have to say that this was an absolute BLAST! 

Chloe is not only a phenomenal host, she is a wealth of information when it comes to building your eCommerce business.  Hear about our journey with So Suzy Stamps and the critical aspects of running a successful eCommerce company!
Secrets of Our Success
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Our incredible Design Team
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I hope you enjoy this little insight into how we built So Suzy Stamps and what it takes to keep her thriving!  At the time of the interview, I never would have imagined that we would have sold her to John and Vicky, but things to have a way of changing.  I am just happy to know that she will be well taken care of and in great hands.

Thank you, Miss Chloe for inadvertently giving her the best send off story ever!

Happy Stamping!