Monday, April 24, 2017

MIHM - Brutus Monroe

Welcome to Made It Happen Monday with Christopher Alan from Brutus Monroe!  On today's show, Christopher shares with us his passion for developing products, helping others achieve their dreams and the amazing journey Brutus Monroe is on with a new retail location, their Open House and their recent release.


Where to Find Brutus Monroe


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Christopher's Favorites

Favorite Stamp Set: Many Thanks
Fun Fact: Their planner stamps fit inside the icon

Favorite Inks: Surface Inks
Fun Fact: They are the "one and done" ink that works on EVERYTHING!

Favorite Part About Owning a Stamp Company:  "Being able to develop products that weren't there."

Suzanne's Favorite Stamps

Chuck Carson Scarecrow

Tall Bloom


  1. Oh my stars, Suzy: what rock have I been hiding under that today's awesome podcast (truly, these bring sunshine to my day!) is the first I've heard of Brutus|Monroe! Thank you so much for the 'introduction' and WOW! What a fabulous first impression he's made with his enthusiasm, candor, passion and 'do' attitude! I'm heading off to check out his various 'places and spaces' to see more of his artistry. The Tall Blooms...swoon! So appreciate the 10% discount; fingers crossed that some of his marvelous products (surface inks...seriously? Too cool!) will join my 'far away' home in Canada! Wish I could attend his Grand Opening; sounds like an abundance of fun to be had! When next you connect with him, tell him he has a fan wayyyyyy over in Alberta! Adding his blog to my Feedly! Yes indeed, you are opening my, ears *grin* all kinds of new people, companies, ideas...Your podcasts rock!

  2. very cool Miss Suzy ~ love hearing Christopher's story. fun shout out to Chris Dayton too!! LOL

  3. I'm enjoying your interviews immensely!