Friday, March 31, 2017

Finding Your Photography Style

Between the light boxes, fancy equipment, staging, flay lays and everything in-between, taking pictures of you cards can be the most frustrating aspect of card making.  Especially if you haven't found what method works for you.  Everyone of us is different; from our card styles, to our crafting goals and all the way to our photography skills.  Which is why knowing your Photography Style is so important.  In today's podcast, we are going to review the key aspects of finding your natural photography style and how to put it to work for your needs.


What you need to understand about yourself and situation to find your photography style:

  • Why do you need photos?
  • Which layout are you most comfortable with?
  • Where will you find the best light?
Why do you need photos?
  • Are you wanting a picture for yourself or do you want to share them on social media with your crafting friends?
  • Do you want to sell them?
  • Do you want to enter challenges, be a Guest Designer or make it onto a Design Team?
Which layout are you most comfortable with?
  • Flat lay
  • Traditional
Flat Lay
  • Try a wood finish table to lay your card on and photograph
  • Use a piece of white poster board
  • Neutral card stock
  • Stage the flat lay with items you used or supplies that accentuate your card
Josefine's Card Collage
  • Stand the card up
  • Find a place with a great background or backsplash
  • Use a corner box and try different background colors
  • Head outside and find some great textures or areas to photograph in
Check Out Your Photos
  • What layout worked best for you?
  • What is your absolute favorite picture?
  • Why do you think it looks good?
Find the Right Light
  • Take your ideal card layout and find a spot with great light
  • Take pictures of the card in morning light, mid-morning, afternoon, mid-morning and evening light.  
  • Which worked out the best?
  • What time was it taken?
Start your photo journey by using what you have at your disposal.

Tell us in the show notes what you found out about your photo style.
  • Are you more of a flat lay or traditional style?
  • Do you enjoying staging or are you more of a natural shot?
  • Where did you find your best light?
  • What is your photo purpose?



  1. for me it depends on the card itself. I do like the up standing with a 'personal style' bracelet - I have 12 x 12 papers in different colors and I have one down flat and another for the background. but sometimes I do the flat. mostly experimenting at this time - but the bracelet was / is my favorite "it's me" style. The OTT light on my desk works great for lighting - although natural is great also in my craft room.

    1. I love the bracelet you use too, Mary! So cute and it adds some personality to your photos!

  2. A 'print' version of shownotes would be helpful.

    1. Hmmmmm, I wonder how I could do that. I think you are trying to make me work more! LOL

  3. The corner box is a great idea. I have used display board,but the foam board is a brighter white.

    1. I agree, the foam board is a bit brighter and it is great for reflecting light too!

  4. I use 3 pieces of foam board, 2 of which are held together by tape. Kind of like a corner box, but can be flattened for storage. Recently I bought a print of woodgrain, but haven't got a chance to use it. I think natural light works best for me and I usually leave the card standing up.

    1. I used to do a corner box with the white paper and it was definitely convenient for folding or adding black when the card would work better with a dark background.

  5. I am a lazy photographer. I just slap it together. I still would like a nice camera, any recommendations?

    1. LOL I am lazy too!!!!! We have spent almost $2000 on cameras and do you know what takes the best damn pictures? Frikken Stephan's iPhone. Some days I really want to Gibb smack him.

  6. I was so pleased to know I am not the only crafter out there who passionately HATES having to take pictures of my creations, mainly because they never turn out like I'd like them to. I tried some of your suggested techniques for the shots of my upcoming blog and YouTube project (to be released on in 3 days) and it made SUCH a difference. I think I've found my style, thank you!!! x, D

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