Friday, March 31, 2017

Finding Your Photography Style

Between the light boxes, fancy equipment, staging, flay lays and everything in-between, taking pictures of you cards can be the most frustrating aspect of card making.  Especially if you haven't found what method works for you.  Everyone of us is different; from our card styles, to our crafting goals and all the way to our photography skills.  Which is why knowing your Photography Style is so important.  In today's podcast, we are going to review the key aspects of finding your natural photography style and how to put it to work for your needs.


What you need to understand about yourself and situation to find your photography style:

  • Why do you need photos?
  • Which layout are you most comfortable with?
  • Where will you find the best light?
Why do you need photos?
  • Are you wanting a picture for yourself or do you want to share them on social media with your crafting friends?
  • Do you want to sell them?
  • Do you want to enter challenges, be a Guest Designer or make it onto a Design Team?
Which layout are you most comfortable with?
  • Flat lay
  • Traditional
Flat Lay
  • Try a wood finish table to lay your card on and photograph
  • Use a piece of white poster board
  • Neutral card stock
  • Stage the flat lay with items you used or supplies that accentuate your card
Josefine's Card Collage
  • Stand the card up
  • Find a place with a great background or backsplash
  • Use a corner box and try different background colors
  • Head outside and find some great textures or areas to photograph in
Check Out Your Photos
  • What layout worked best for you?
  • What is your absolute favorite picture?
  • Why do you think it looks good?
Find the Right Light
  • Take your ideal card layout and find a spot with great light
  • Take pictures of the card in morning light, mid-morning, afternoon, mid-morning and evening light.  
  • Which worked out the best?
  • What time was it taken?
Start your photo journey by using what you have at your disposal.

Tell us in the show notes what you found out about your photo style.
  • Are you more of a flat lay or traditional style?
  • Do you enjoying staging or are you more of a natural shot?
  • Where did you find your best light?
  • What is your photo purpose?


Friday, March 24, 2017

Enhancing the Quality of Your Cards

One of the key aspects we discuss in our Price, Market and Sell Your Handmade Cards online class is enhancing the quality of your cards.  Even if you aren't planning to sell your cards, striving to be better at your craft or hobby is critical to your own personal growth and self-confidence.  Find out about what the top tools and supplies you can use to help you enhance your card quality.


Top Supplies to Help You Create Quality Cards



Monday, March 20, 2017

MIHM with Gina K Designs

Welcome to Made It Happen Monday with Gina Krupsky from Gina K Designs!  We talked to Gina about how she got her start in the stamping world, her journey and the new products she has coming out!  (Which are quite fabulous, BTW!)


Gina K Designs
Stamp TV
Village Paper & Ink

Gina K Foil-Mates in Action

Friday, March 17, 2017

Expanding Your Crafting Business

There are times when growth requires thinking outside of the box and expanding your horizons.  There are so many things you can do to increase your value and grow, but why would you even consider it?  What can you do to expand YOUR business?  How you can reach a new and different audience to help you grow and make more money?

Links Referenced

Cheryl Boglioli - MIHM Podcast
Rina Gonzales - Mothership Scrapbook Gal
Melissa Silversmith - Palettes and Paint
Jackie Lee - The Cookie Corner AZ
Kymona Tracey - Kreative Kymona
Iliana Myska - MISTI

Monday, March 13, 2017

MIHM - Living the Art Life with Cheryl Boglioli

Welcome to Made it Happen Monday with Cheryl Boglioli from Living the Art Life!  Cheryl travels the country in her fabulous Glamper, Glinda with her adorable Hedgehog, Toto.  Together they teach classes, show people how to play and spread their mixed media wings!

Hear about her story and how she is truly Living the Art Life!


Living the Art Life

Meet Toto!

Glinda all Glamped Out!

Friday, March 10, 2017


First of all, thank you so much for all of the love and support you gave to Iliana and the MISTI for our MIHM - Iliana Myska podcast from earlier this week.  It is people like you who make this industry and hobby a wonderful one!

As for the winner of your choice of an Original or Mini MISTI, please be sure and create an account on the My Sweet Petunia and send her a message through her Contact Us page and let Iliana know you won the MISTI contest at So Suzy Podcast.

A super HUGE congratulations to:

Congratulations, Peggy!  Be sure and contact Iliana to get your MISTI arrangements made!

Happy Stamping, Everyone!


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Have you ever perused through Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube and got totally depressed because you don’t feel like you are up to par with the crafters or people around you?

It is only natural to compare yourself to other people and a lot of time it helps to push us to accomplish bigger and better things.  Healthy competition is amazing for the soul, but kicking yourself in the rear because you AREN’T your favorite crafter is not going to help you.


Healthy competition is good for the soul, but kicking yourself in the rear because you aren't your favorite crafter is not going to help you.

Embrace your own personal talents and abilities.

Eliminate your fear of failure.

Be proud of YOU.

Secret to Justine's Success

  1. She knows her card making style - Clean and Simple
  2. She knows her time constraints
  3. She knows HER strengths
  4. She isn't trying to be like anyone else except HER
If you have a hard time comparing yourself to others and if it totally wrecks your joy and happiness, I challenge you to do a few things:
  1. Check out the card on Stamp Junkies Facebook Group
  2. Eliminate your fear.
  3. If you feel compelled to compare yourself to someone, compare yourself to the YOU of yesterday.
  4. Tell me what YOU are amazing at when it comes to card making.

Monday, March 6, 2017

MIHM - Iliana Myska from My Sweet Petunia

It's Made It Happen Monday with Iliana Myska from My Sweet Petunia and the inventor of the MISTI.  Find out how Iliana and the MISTI got their start, the new products she has coming out and some of Iliana's favorites.


Check out the MISTI
See the new Creative Corners

Splitcoaststampers Forum

Giveaway - How can the MISTI change your stamping life?  Leave us a comment in the show notes and we will announce a winner for your choice between the Original or Mini MISTI on Friday, March 10th.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Best Uses for Your Social Media Platforms

Have you ever felt like you are floundering around with all the different social media sites?  Trying to figure out what to post, feeling redundant when you post the same image to Instagram, Facebook and your blog?  You know you could be doing something different, but what is that "something"?

Facebook - Give it a PURPOSE instead of using it as a dumping ground, share INFORMATION
  • Share sale information from your favorite companies
  • New companies you have found
  • Post techniques or videos that bring value
  • Share links for new tools or products
  • Post the link to FB Groups you have joined

Blog - Create a different focus for your blog
  • Post reviews
  • Host a series
  • Enter challenges
  • Prepare it for your DT days

Instagram - Great platform to use if you want to be noticed by brands and companies and is a visual eye catcher
  • Post the fast track snippet videos
  • Post image of your cards
  • Works in progress
  • Snapshots of new product purchases
  • Sneak peeks
  • Use hashtags appropriately
YouTube - Connecting with people and showing them "how" to do something
  • Tutorials
  • Tours of your craft space
  • Product comparisons
  • Organization techniques and methods
Twitter - If used correctly, it can bring you a new and diverse audience, but keep it quick!
  • Do not post a link to images, post the image itself
  • Post images of your favorite quotes
  • Tweet your favorite sentiment from a stamp company and tag them in it
  • Add a sentiment you want to have made into a stamp
If you want to make one of your platforms a collection plate for all things you, do it, but only do it on ONE platform.  Make sure you wisely disperse, with purpose, the content to other platforms.


What are your plans for your social media platforms?  Share them with us in the show notes!