Friday, February 24, 2017

Are You Ready to Own a Stamp Company?

Have you ever thought of owning your own stamp company?  Today's podcast is all about the trials, tribulations and fun behind owning your own company.  From deciding to build one from the ground up or purchasing a company that is already established.


  • Do you want to build a business from the ground up or buy one that is already established?
    • Established - less work
    • Building your own - more work
  • Are you going to sell red rubber or photopolymer stamps?
  • Are you going to design your own stamps or purchase images from a designer?
  • What is your vision for YOUR stamps?
  • What is your target niche market?
  • Have a focus and build your company and the name around it.
    • Concord & 9th - "Concord & 9th, where creativity meets!"
    • The Ton - Effie's black and gold logo matches her name and brand 
  • Manufacturing
    • Indexed or not indexed
    • Pre-packaged or package yourself
    • Select press or full plate press
  • eCommerce Sites
  • When do you get a Design Team?
  • Try Guest Designers at the beginning
  • Join AFCI
  • Go to Creativation

Words of wisdom - "Don't grow yourself broke." - Barry Moltz

Other companies referenced during the podcast not listed above:
So Suzy Stamps
Right at Home


  1. I am really enjoying listening to all your podcasts and your honesty is very refreshing! I'll let the brave folks like you start up the new companies and just offer my support and design talents instead, lol. :)

    1. LOL Nothing wrong with that in the least bit!!! So glad you are enjoying them!