Friday, January 27, 2017

Creativation Recap with Jason Baum

We are back from Creativation and talk about a week full of fun, friends and hugs!  Having been to the CHA Mega Show last year and attending the new Creativation this year, I can honestly say THIS was the BEST of the two shows.  Find out about the changes from last year to this year along with the new direction the Craft and Hobby Association is going with the Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) in today's podcast with Jason Baum and Jeffrey Malaney.


  1. CHA has a new name!   Welcome to the new AFCI, Association for Creative Industries. 
  2. New Membership Features
    1. Start Up Memberships for new companies
      1. Buyer
      2. Supplier
      3. Maker/DIY'er
  3. Creativation is not just for Manufacturers and Shop Owners
    1. Digital Content Creator (Bloggers, YouTubers, etc.)
    2. Educators
    3. Professional Makers/DIY'er
    4. Designers
    5. Suppliers
    6. Buyers
    7. Manufacturers
  4. Creativation
    1. Embrace entrepreneurs 
    2. Build community
    3. Will be back in Phoenix, AZ for the next two years
  5. Member Benefits
    1. Cost Savings
      1. Travel
      2. Payment Processing
      3. Shipping
    2. Marketing/Advertising
      1. HootSuite
      2. Constant Contact
    3. Education
    4. Medical Benefits
    5. Industry Research
    6. Events
Do you want to go to Creativation next year?  Well, guess what?  Now is the time to bring your dream to reality!  I want to hear YOUR start up story.  Did you just start a new stamp company?  Are you on your way to being an YouTube Rock Star?  Have you created a Facebook Group that has thousands of active members?  Are you influencing the masses on Instagram?

Let us know your story and why you NEED to go to Creativation next year and one lucky person will receive 30% off their 1st year Start Up Members to AFCI!

Come play with us in Phoenix, AZ next January and join in on the fun!!!

Big thanks to Jason, Jeffrey and the whole staff at AFCI for allowing So Suzy Podcast to record live at Creativation this year!  You have all gone above and beyond helping out our industry to grow and succeed!


  1. No doubt this is a fun place to be.

    1. It was a BLAST! It was so wonderful to actually "meet" the people I interact on social media with. The hugs, the laughs, all of the new products coming out. It is definitely an amazing experience!

  2. This was a great podcast! So much wonderful news.

    1. Thank you Salima! Glad you found it to be informative :-)

  3. My start up for my business is very slow. I have been stamping for the last 8 years, however just recently started making my cards available for sale. Since I am a single mother and being able to find extra cash to make donations was hard, I used part of the proceeds from my sales to make donations to my local Islamic Center. I wasn't very talented at first, but slowly noted that I was getting better at it. Recently, a local gift shop owner approached me to sell my cards in her shop. I was ecstatic. Now I am thinking I should probably try and sell my cards online. Maybe start with an Etsy shop. I would like to be able to make YouTube videos of the different techniques that I learn as I go. This may be a little bit of a challenge because I cover as a Muslim and I am uncomfortable stamping with extra clothing on... hehe. Jokes aside, I would like to be able to help my community to grow to be able to nurture our youth to be valuable citizens of the community and of the USA. I believe that ACI may be able to give me the courage and knowledge to go forth with my goals. Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. Heck ya, woman! Plus I would get to SEE YOU!!!

    2. Salima, this is a great time in your early career to join!! You'll get to meet people in the industry and grow your business. We also have a ton of business savings so that you're not breaking the bank on overhead. I'd love to discuss membership with you:

    3. HI Jason,
      I tried to email you, however got an error message. Would you kindly give me your email address again?

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  4. Great podcast with Jason & Jeffrey! AFCI was fabulous this year, the business classes were exceptional and trade show was full of great products & companies. I'm already looking forward to next years event!

  5. Looked and sounded like a very good time. This is the year I am going to be getting serious about the business of card making. (although I already have hundreds in my stash). Setting up a facebook page & group for selling. Going to get the blog going (husband has offered to help me with the camera and all). I love this world I am relatively new to.

    1. Heck yes! I am so proud of all you are doing to make this dream come true, Mary!

  6. Why do I NEED to go to Creativation next year? Because I had the time of my life this year! I had such a great opportunity to meet the So Suzy Stamps DT and so many of the awesome companies this year. I just can't imagine missing it next year! I'm so excited and full of ideas - I just wish these report cards were finished so I get started on my videos for 2017!

    1. LOL You rocked it this year! Cheers to 2018!

  7. This sounds like it would be so much fun, yet very helpful and inspiring.

    1. Absolutely wonderful, that's for sure! Talk about walking around feeling so alive and yet, dead on your feet! LOL It was the best!

  8. This is so cool!!!! I hope I can do next time@!

    1. It is definitely something to experience!!