Friday, October 20, 2017

Making the Most of Your Crafting Dollar

If you are new to card making or are on a tight budget, making your crafting dollar go as far as possible is essential!  Today, I am going to give you some crafty buying secrets on how you can save money and get started building your card making stash.


Special Coupon Code and Link for 15% off all items on Gina K Designs for today (10/20/17) only!
Use coupon code SOSUZY15

Perfect Starter Kit from Gina K Designs - Sentimental Bouquet Mini Kit

Pick up a MISTI using the 15% off coupon from Gina K Designs

Making the Most of Your Craft Dollar 

Get Creative For Free and Sale Items

  • Join in on blog hops with contests
  • Participate in blog challenges
  • Join in on contests on Facebook, Blogs, Instagram and YouTube
  • Apply to be on a Design Team
  • Check out Destash Facebook Groups
  • Join your favorite stamp companies Facebook Groups
  • Sign up for your favorite stamp companies newsletters
  • Keep a calendar for sales, free shipping and coupon codes
  • Take advantage of End of Year Clearance Sales
  • Use the 40% off coupons at the big box stores
  • Shop from companies that have free shipping

Where to Go for Inspiration

What is your Card Style? Podcast

Sponsored by My Sweet Petunia


Monday, October 16, 2017

MIHM - Bonnie Krebs from Art Impressions

This week, we have the amazing Bonnie Krebs on the podcast from Art Impressions.  We talk about how she got her start in the crafting industry, her over 8000 images she has designed, the evolution of Art Impressions and how she finds her inspiration!


Stamp Styles

Bonnie's Recommendations

Where to Find Art Impressions

Here is the lady who I love on Instagram!  

Her name is Dot and she is incredible!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Living in a World of Knock Offs

There has been a lot of heated conversations lately over the ever-growing infestation of knock off craft supplies.  Typically, when someone mentions knock offs in the crafting industry, most people immediately gravitate toward the MISTI copycats and the blatant patent infringements some companies thought were ok to violate to make a quick buck.  Foolishness, my friends, foolishness.

However, stamping tools are not the only ones being raped by creatives in the industry.  Stamps, dies and other intellectual property are being stolen, brand names are being stripped from packaging and products are being sold at murderous rates.

For those of you who would like to know how to avoid or spot a scam, this podcast is going to help you identify the offending stamps and respond when you THINK a company is out of line.


When you think a stamp company has had their images stolen, PRIVATELY CONTACT THE OWNER OF THE STAMP COMPANY!

If your images HAVE been obtained illegally, send the offending company a private email letting them know the situation, most cases it was done unintentionally.  Be professional!

As a company, if you would like to get the word out regarding your pirated images, please contact Stamp Junkies Admin, they will be your champions and they will allow you to post in their FB Group how you would like customers to handle the situation.

Do NOT BULLY other companies or crafters.  You only look like a jack ass.

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My Sweet Petunia

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Getting Ready for the Holidays with Amit Mathradas from PayPal

Whether you are a business or a consumer, it's time to get your game face on and prepare for the holiday shopping frenzy!  On today's podcast, we not only give you 5 incredible tips on how you can score your favorite items during the releases and sales, but we also have Amit Mathradas from PayPal on the show.  Amit gives us some incredible ideas for not only boosting sales during the holiday season, but how you can maximize the global market as well!


5 Tips to Score Your Favorite Items During Releases and Sales

  1. Join the company's FB Group and mailing list to get a heads up on sales, specials, coupons, sneak peek's and pre-launches
  2. Set your alarm for release times
  3. Get on your computer or sign up for PayPal One Touch to ensure speedy check out
  4. Make sure you have an account with the company AND you are logged in

Amit's Top Tips

  1. For businesses, make sure your site is optimized for mobile shopping
  2. Have a simply purchase path for your consumers
  3. Both businesses AND consumers can take advantage of PayPal's One Touch for speedy check out and higher conversions
  4. Make sure, as a business, you have capital set aside for marketing initiatives and inventory
  5. Go after international markets during THEIR major holidays, check out PayPal's Global Sellers Program

Amit's 1.5 Top Tip for a Successful Holiday Season

  • PLAN!  Have a plan for the holiday season to increase sales
  • Try something new!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Snarktoberfest - Interview with Swedish House Crafts

Welcome to Day 3 of Snarktoberfest!  Today's guest is Suha Hazboun from Swedish House Crafts.  Not only is Suha the owner of Swedish House Crafts, she is also one of our incredible sponsors for the Snarktoberfest blog hop!

Hear all about Swedish House Crafts, Suha's love for snark AND how she has the lowest shipping rates in the UK!  That's right, my UK friends, Swedish House Crafts is on YOUR side of the world!


Where to find Swedish House Crafts


Suha's Snarky Card for Snarktoberfest

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Snarktoberfest - Interview with Donna Whiteman from The Sisterhood of the Snarky Stampers

Welcome to Day 2 of Snarktoberfest and our interview with Donna Whiteman from The Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers.  Today, we continue with Snarktoberfest and interviewing one of the amazing lovers of snark, a snarky place to share your creations without fear of someone standing on their precious pansy soap boxes on how your card offends their delicate natures.

I also threw down the gauntlet and issued a challenge to de-throne Miss Josefine Fouarge and her Snarky Queen Reign!  It's time to overthrow her snarky reign!


  • If you have a Queen badge from 2014, 2015, 2015 and 2017, please let me know in the comments section, provide me the links to your posts, and you will receive a $25 gift certificate to So Suzy Stamps from me!
  • Take out Josefine and post your snarky cards in the Sisterhood's Blog Challenge!!

Where to Find the Sisterhood

Monday, October 2, 2017

Snarktoberfest with Josefine Fouarge

Welcome to Snarktoberfest!

*WARNING: Today's podcast has a few bad words that may not be appropriate for little ears or those of you who get easily offended.  Josefine and I talk about some of our favorite snarky sentiments and cards during the podcast, there are no F-bombs, but it may not seen as a family friendly show today.  Funny, but not geared for the little people.  If you get offended, don't complain to me, because I did warn you.  :)

First, thank you so much for your patience during my little hiatus.  I had several huge audiobook deadlines happening in September and I just didn't have time to put together the podcasts for the month.  BUT the podcast is BACK and I have a ton of great surprises in store for you this month.

The second being, Snarktoberfest!  Where the snarky soul sisters unite and create a month of snarky fun.


Snarktoberfest Details

When: October 2nd - October 5th
Where: The fun starts on Josefine's blog
Bloghop Ends: October 5th
Winners Announced: October 6th

Snarktoberfest lasts all month long so please be sure and use #snarktoberfest or #snarktoberfest2017 so we can find your snarky creations!

Sponsors for Snarktoberfest

Look!  I made a card too!  You can find all of the details on my blog at All About Suzy.

Stamps Referenced

Bitchy Pills - Crackerbox Palace
Valentine's Day - So Suzy Stamps
Warning Labels - So Suzy Stamps
Shank a Bitch - So Suzy Stamps

Links Referenced

Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers
Headquarters of Snark aka Snarky Stampers Facebook Group

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Creativation Education Registration with Keli Bell-Cole

Eeeek, I am so excited!  Creativation is just around the corner and the registration for the education program starts next week on September 12 at 11am EST!  Today, we have Keli Bell-Cole from AFCI on the podcast to talk about attending Creativation, the educational classes, key note speaker and so much more!  And Keli is kinda awesome!

PLUS, we try to talk Mark into letting her go to Greendale, WI to check out the Village!  Pretty sure she needs a chaperone...just sayin!

Check out the preview guide to write down your questions before class registration starts!

Registration starts on Tuesday, September 12th at 11am at the Creativation website.

If you have not registered for Creativation yet, head on out and do so!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Congratulations to Our Winner - $50 Prize Pack from Emerald Creek

Thank you to everyone who left a wonderful comment regarding Kim and her amazing embossing powders from Emerald Creek!  If you didn't get a chance to listen to her MIHM Podcast, please head on over and have a listen.  We had a fabulous time chit chatting about rubber stamps, her journey and the incredible embossing powders she designs.

Now, onto the fun stuff!  Our winner for the $50 Prize Pack from Emerald Creek is:

Paula Sumimoto-Matsushima

Paula, congratulations on winning this incredible prize pack from Kim!  Please send Kim an email at:

info (at) emeraldcreek (dot) co 

and let her know you are our winner!  You can also click the Contact Us button in the upper right hand corner of her website if that is easier.  =)

Thank you again to everyone who left comments!

Have a wonderful rest of your Labor Day Weekend and as always,

Happy Stamping!

Monday, August 28, 2017

MIHM with Kim Evans from Emerald Creek

Welcome to Made It Happen Monday with Kim Evans from Emerald Creek!  Today, we are going to be talking to Kim about how she got her start in the stamping industry, her unique embossing powders, AFCI Canada (because we love our Canadian sisters!) and a few shout outs to some amazing menfolk in the industry!

PLUS!  Kim has GENEROUSLY offered a $50 prize pack to one lucky listener! OH YA, BABY!


Kim's Favorites

Favorite part of running a business:
Math...seriously, she SAID that...out loud!  Oh, and the people!

Favorite embossing powder color:
Charred Gold and Fractured Ice

Favorite craft item you can't live without:
(as if any of us can name JUST one) Heat tool, craft mat, Ranger Emboss It Dabber

Super Secret Product Announcement!

ATC Chipboard coming SOON!

Amazing Shout Outs to a Couple of Super Cool Guys

Seth Apter
Ted from Stampers Anonymous

Where to Find Kim and AFCI Canada

Emerald Creek Website
Emerald Creek Blog

AFCI Canada  Website

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Card Classes and Retreats with Lydia Fiedler

Skype was not behaving during the recording of our podcast so we had to use Zoom, needless to say, the quality is not as good as normal.  I do apologize and I PROMISE once you get used to the "bubbling abyss ocean sounds", you'll be fine!

It would be an extreme disservice to the crafting community if I did not have the bomdiggityshizznit of all crafters on the show to talk about her incredibly cool method of hosting card classes and retreats.  If you are considering starting a card class outside of the how or you are feeling like you want to branch out and start hosting retreats, this podcast is for you!

Lydia shares some of her million dollar secrets, talks about what it takes to host a successful retreat AND we also talk podcasts and serial killers...ya, we're an eclectic bunch!


Hosting Classes Outside the Home

#1 piece of advice: Frequent a local establishment, find out when their slow times are and approach them with the idea of you teaching an art class during this time.  Don't forget to be kind, courteous and to let them know you will encourage your attendees to purchase food after the class.


#1 piece of advice: Attend retreats before hosting your own.  Find out what you like or don't like.

Lydia's Favorites

Favorite technique: Decorating backgrounds - anything inky and messy
Favorite retreat snack: Blueberry Scones that are super special
Favorite serial killer: the moment
Favorite podcast: Serial and Undisclosed

Where to Find Out More About Lydia and Understand Blue

Understand Blue

Don't Forget to Share

Do you host classes or retreats?
What are some of your favorite million dollar tips?
What has been your favorite class or retreat that you have attended?

Share your stories in the comments section!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Building and Launching Your Creative Dreams with Teresa DeWitt-Pierce

Today, we have Teresa DeWitt-Pierce from Whimsical Card Studio on the podcast sharing with us how she built and launched her creative dream of being on a design team.  PLUS, we have a special surprise for her that she had NO CLUE was coming!  Thanks to Justine Hovey and Vicky Briggs from So Suzy Stamps for allowing me to a part of the fun!


Teresa's Favorites

Favorite So Suzy Stamps Stamp - Fancy Butterfly
Favorite Crafter - Justine Hovey and Jennifer McGuire
Favorite Card Design to Make - Interactive

Where to Find Teresa


Links Reference

So Suzy Sessions
How to Be on a Design Team

If you would like to congratulate Teresa on her new Design Team position, please leave her a special note in the comments section!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Organizing a Successful Card Class

This month, we are focusing on different ways to make extra money to support your craft habit.  Last week, we discussed craft fairs and launched our Craft Show 101 online class at This week, we are going to talk about card classes and how you can make extra money by hosting your own.


Organizing a Card Class

If you are wanting to host classes, there are a few things to consider before you go all gang busters and start promoting.
  1. Where are you going to hold them?
  2. How many people is your ideal number?
  3. How many cards are you going to make?
  4. What will you charge?
  5. Where will you promote?
  6. What products will you use?
  7. How long will your class be?
  8. What type of class will you teach?
  9. How much time do you have to prepare?
  10. Instructions or no instructions?
If you decide to host in your home, keep these things in mind:
  1. ALWAYS include if you have pets in your marketing and promo materials. 
  2. If you do have pets, the dog goes outside PERIOD.   Same goes for the cat.  Cat goes outside or in a room.  
  3. Kids are not allowed at home.  The same goes with your guests, no children.
  4. Clean your house and bathroom.

Companies with Card Class Programs

Brutus Monore - contact heather (at) brutusmonroe (dot) com 

Use the "Contact Us" page for So Suzy Stamps, Right at Home and Crackerbox Palace.

Links Referenced

New Fun Releases

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Financially Supporting Your Craft Habit

We all need more money for crafting supplies and with the holidays fast approaching and new releases pending, new supplies are going to be essential for our well-being and our very existence.  Today, we are going to discuss 10 ways you can finagle some more money to buy the goodies you are dying to get!


10 Ways to Finagle More Money

  1. Sell items on Etsy or eBay
  2. Have a garage sale
  3. Affiliate links, YouTube or Design Teams
  4. Stampin' Up!
  5. Craigslist, Facebook Destash, eBay
  6. Bundle your stamps to sell vs individually
  7. Mystery Boxes >>> Tag @doubleclickconnect on Instagram!
  8. Friend Stamp Swap
  9. Sell your cards at Craft Shows
  10. Host Card Classes

Links Referenced

Our Online Classes

Sponsored By

My Sweet Petunia

Friday, July 28, 2017

Getting Ready for Craft Fairs

For those of you who plan to participate in a craft fair this year, today's podcast is all for you!  We are going to discuss:

  • Supplies needed
  • Decorating your booth
  • Promotion for your crafts
  • How to stand apart from the other crafters
  • Type of cards to sell
  • Pricing

Also, we just opened pre-registration for our Craft Show 101 Online Class!

Show Notes

Cash to Have on Hand

  • 30 - $1's
  • 10 - $5's
  • 6 - $10's
  • 2 - $20's

Accepting Credit Cards Options

Links Referenced

Friday's Listener Tip

"Don't compare your work to other's.  Be inspired, motivated and thankful for the opportunity to learn from your crafting peers.  After all, you may inspire others with your style.  Be true to yourself.  Make what you love, not necessarily the new trend."  - Marci Snee

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My Sweet Petunia


Thursday, July 27, 2017

eCommerce Series: PayPal Solutions for You and Your Craft Business

Whether you own an Etsy shop, business, sell your cards at craft fairs or shop online, PayPal is MORE than just a way to collect or spend money.  On today's show, we talk with Jason Smith from PayPal and he gives us the inside scoop on all the ways PayPal can help you AND your business.  From payment solutions, shopping, peace of mind, dolling out funds to your children, working capital for your business and their Business in a Box.


How else does PayPal act as a growth partner for small business?

PayPal Here - Credit Card Reader <<<< Great for the craft fairs coming up!!!
Working Capital
Business in a Box
$10,000 Business Make Over

PayPal for Consumers

PayPal Here
PayPal Account
PayPal Me <<<< Essentially, sending money to those children who always need money

Contact PayPal

Monday, July 24, 2017

MIHM - Vincent Djen with The Fashion Knowledge Network

Today, we have Vincent Djen, designer, manufacturer and consultant for The Fashion Knowledge Network.  Vincent is going to tell his story of growing up in the fashion industry and sharing with you his secrets on how you can achieve your fashion design dream.  Plus, he gives us the inside scoop of some of the hottest upcoming trends and materials that are coming out!

  Vincent Djen The Fashion Knowledge Network 


Vincent's Golden Rule of Product Development and Production is to be prepared for Black Swans.  He breaks it down into three parts
  1. Test
  2. Communicate
  3. Be prepared
Best advice for Sanaa and others looking to get into the fashion industry
  • Never stop learning; go to shows, read, talk to people, never stop learning
  • Be open-minded
  • Commit 100%
  • Perseverance


Favorite part of owning your own business - Freedom and thrill of a job well done
Favorite fabric - New sustainable materials; TPU, 3D Printing
Favorite upcoming trend - Fashion wearable electronics; LED wedding gowns, temperature regulated clothing

Vincent Djen





Friday, July 21, 2017

How the MISTI Impacts the Stamping World

Three years ago a stamping product was released to the people who followed My Sweet Petunia on Facebook, shortly thereafter, this incredible tool would impact the stamping world like no other.  The MISTI has changed lives, built friendships and revitalized the stamping community.  To celebrate her 3rd birthday, we have a special podcast to talk about some amazing ways you can use your MISTI along with a special from My Sweet Petunia for our listeners!

  So Suzy Podcast 

Show Notes

Where to Find the MISTI

My Sweet Petunia - 20% Off the Original MISTI, Grid Pads and Mouse Pads from today through July 23rd for So Suzy Podcast listeners - no coupon required

Links Referenced

So Suzy Stamps - Mirror Image Stamp

Concord & 9th - Turnabout Stamp

The Ton Stamps - Thanks Stamp Set

Iliana's MIHM Podcast Interview

Lavinia Stamps

Fairy House

Videos Referenced

Justine Hovey

  Gina K Designs

  Ken's Creations

Uses for the MISTI

  • Basic stamping
  • Accurate stamping
  • Solid and silhouette stamps
  • Aligning and test stamping
  • Embossing after you have stamped
  • Die cut placement
  • Stamping on texture paper
  • Layering stamps
  • Mass production
  • Do It Yourself Backgrounds
  • Gradient or Ombre stamping
  • Masking
  • Repeat stamping
  • Stamping the inside and outside of your cards
  • Using acetate
  • Mirror Image Stamping
  • Turnabout Stamps from Concord & 9th

Listener Tip

Today's tip comes from Karen Hightower
Finish the inside of your card and always sign the back of the card.  You have put time and effort into creating it, so sign your creation. - Karen Hightower

Thursday, July 20, 2017

eCommerce Series with Chloe Thomas from eCommerce MasterPlan

We are continuing with our July eCommerce Series and when we were putting the series together, I knew there was one person I just had to have on the show so she could share her words of wisdom.  Chloë Thomas, from eCommerce MasterPlan is an author, podcast host, mentor and consultant in the eCommerce world and I had the extreme pleasure of working with her when I owned So Suzy Stamps.

Chloë was instrumental in helping us grow our “bricks and clicks” business.  She offered guidance on how to manage our inventory both in the shop and online, gave us amazing advice for how to handle promotions and helped us build a fabulous marketing plan to kick off the new year.  Which, was our most profitable quarter in the past 3 years.

Chloë understands that not all industries are alike and not all needs are the same, however, she was able to guide me in the direction MY business needed to go and create my unique eCommerce 

Chloe Thomas


In Chloë's book, Your 3 Steps to Successful Online Selling, she talks about the 3 most important things you can do to customize your own eCommerce MasterPlan
  1. Identify what sort of eCommerce business you are
  2. Establish your core foundation
  3. Marketing
Biggest challenge and benefit for having a "bricks and clicks" business
  • Challenge: Stock and time
  • Benefits: Online=Convenience; In Store=Experience
#1 Online Promotion You Can Do 
  • Free Shipping or Free P&P (Postage and Packaging)
It has to get the customer to do what you want as cheaply as possible. -Chloë Thomas
Top Advice For Those of You Just Starting Out
Find a product that you are interested in along with enough people who are too. - Chloë Thomas

Chloë's Favorites

Favorite part of what she does for her business - Writing
Favorite eCommerce Marketing Method: eMail Marketing
Favorite App: Sumo Me

Where To Find Chloë

eCommerce MasterPlan

Special Offer

Special Offer For YOU!

USE COUPON CODE SUZY when checking out

Monday, July 17, 2017

MIHM: Chris Barrett from AltGuild

I had to have one last guest on the show to go with our Planner Series to talk about Traveler's Notebooks and working with leather products.  Chris Barrett from the AltGuild creates these stunning leather Traveler's Notebooks that I am absolutely IN LOVE with!  Today, we talk about the reasons behind a Traveler's Notebook, working with leather and what goes into the creation of one.


Custom orders are on hold...he said forever, but does that really mean FOR-EV-ER?

Chris's Favorites

Favorite Custom Order: Alice in Wonderland cover
Favorite Size TN: Tachikoma
Favorite Part of Owning a Business:
"Planting a seed and watching it grow." - Chris Barrett, AltGuild

Where to Find Chris

Website (Etsy)

My Traveler's Notebook

My Old Soul in the A5 size

Dragon Scales Josefine and I May Come to Blows Over

The Cover That Started It All

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Selecting an eCommerce Platform with Tracey Wallace from BigCommerce

When it comes to starting an online business, selecting the right platform is critical to your business, customers and growth.  Selecting the wrong platform can cause you undue stress, crashed servers and additional costs that are unnecessary.  Today, we talk with Tracey Wallace, Editor in Chief, at BigCommerce to get her insight into what features you should look for in an eCommerce platform, the benefits of moving to a platform outside of Etsy and some of her favorite features.


First Steps When Selecting an eCommerce Platform

Put together a list of everything that you need it to do now and where you want to be in the future:
  • Payment Gateways
  • Inventory
  • Shipping
  • Wholesale Accounts
  • Customer Groups for VIP's
  • Robust Servers for High Traffic
  • Syncing with Brick and Mortar shop
  • Physical, Downloadable Products and Services
  • Will It Sync to Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Constant Contact

3 Most Important Features a Business Should Look For

  • Payment Gateways and Fees
  • SEO Included
  • Inventory Management

Benefits of an eCommerce Site vs Etsy

  • Branded to you
  • Retain your customer information so you can build a relationship
  • Total control of your site, services, products and customer communication
  • Not charged by how many items you list on your site

What Sets BigCommerce Apart From the Competition?

  • Can handle large growth eCommerce businesses like ManCrates
  • 60% of all apps needed to run and grow your business are built-in saving you anywhere from $300 - $5000 yearly
  • API is faster, which helps data sync faster
  • Customer Service is TOP NOTCH - available 24/7 for phone support
  • (Personally, I LOVE THEM!)

Why Is It Important to Have an eCommerce Platform That Specializes in High Volume Sales?

  • No need to worry about servers crashing during a release
  • It will have the ability to grow WITH you
  • Allows you to expand your business through wholesale (B2B), custom customer groups (B2C) and you can manage affiliates through an app on your site no high cost services

Switching to BigCommerce

  • In-house migration team that will walk you through switching your products over to BigCommerce

Most Important App or Feature to Include on Website to Maximize Sales

  • Email provider to communicate with customers
    • Thank You for your orders
    • Abandon Carts
    • Review of Products
  • InStock Alerts to let them know when products are back in stock

Tracey's Favorite New Features

  • New Analytics and Insights
  • Buy Buttons

^^^^^^ How Spiffy Cool is THAT?! You should totally test it out...just sayin!

Where to Find More Information on BigCommerce


Monday, July 10, 2017

MIHM with Missy Luukkonen from Little Green Bean

Welcome to Made It Happen Monday, where we bring you the stories of the people in the creative industry who have built a business and Made It Happen!  Today, we have Missy Luukkonen from The Little Green Bean.  Missy is one of these amazing women who can take a piece of scrap fabric and turn it into the cutest, most unique items for your home.  Plus, her sewing room is to die for!


Missy's tips for finding balance between maintaining a craft business and having a personal life:

  • Find your rhythm
  • Build a schedule and stick to it
  • Take a lunch and two 15 minute breaks
  • Remove cell phone from your craft area
  • Use a planner to plan out your day
  • Take the weekend off
Missy and her amazing craft room

Fun Facts

Favorite Product - whatever she is working on at the moment
Favorite Part of Owning a Business - having days to do what you want
Favorite Business Craft Tool - her giant ironing board
Favorite Holiday That Inspires Her Cute Birds - Christmas

My Favorite Birds!

Where To Find The Little Green Bean

Friday, July 7, 2017

Winners from our Planner Series

Thank you to everyone who listened, participated and entered our Planner Series Giveaway AND a huge thank you to our incredible sponsors for donating some fabulous prizes!  The winners from our Planner Series are:


What You Won

Bullet Journals
  • Denise Bryant
  • Dawn@Petals. Paper. Simple Thyme.
  • Neha Parab

Quo Vadis Scholar Academic 2017 - 2018 with Club Covers Planner
  • Mary Kay Werry
  • Ericka Strange
  • Hannah

  $15 Gift Certificate to Paper Clip Planet
  • Kelly532
  • Oliev
  • Carri@ABusyBee

Paper Clip Planet

How To Redeem Prizes

For those of you who won the Bullet Journals and Quo Vadis Planners, please message me with your mailing address and I will forward it over to Quo Vadis to ship out your planners.

For those of you who won the Gift Certificates, please contact Annie via her website and let her know you won the $15 Gift Certificate from our Planner Series!

If you won a prize, please be sure and contact us by August 7, 2017 to redeem.

Once you receive your prizes and start playing, I would LOVE to see what you have done!  Be sure and tag us on social media at @sosuzypodcast

Thank you again and I hope you enjoy your goodies!