Friday, December 9, 2016

Benefits of Creating Gift Packs

Creating gift packs of cards to sell or to give as gifts is a wonderful way to create a fabulous market for yourself and clean out your stash. Do it correctly and you essentially have the perfect Henry Cavill trifecta; Henry Cavill, Clark Kent and Superman!


Gift Packs Should Be

  • Quality Card Stock
  • Completed on the Inside
  • Matching Envelope
  • Packaged Nicely
Pricing Breakdowns

Cut it in half for one card = $.16
Add a Gina K Envelope = $.29 per envelope
Total Cost for a Single Layer Card = $.45

If you switch out the Gina K Envelope for a Stampin Up Envelope = $.016
Total Cost for a Single Layer Card using Gina K Paper and SU Envelope = $.32

If you have an 8-card Gift Pack using SU envelopes and Gina K paper = $2.56
The entire set of 8 cards with envelopes comes out to $3.41

Consider Giving Sets Of
  • Christmas or Holiday Cards
  • Birthday
  • Thank You's
  • Generic Cards
Themed Packs for Family and Friends
  • Family - Assortment of Birthday Cards
  • Friends - Birthday Cards is safe
  • Teachers - Generic Cards with Cool Quotes
  • Girlfriends - Snarky or Motivational Cards
  • Co-Workers - Thank Yous or Birthday Cards


Pictures of Henry Cavill as Superman, because he is just yummy


  1. Super Fabulous Suzanne!! Wow! Loved the subject, advice, and fun. I can be a Super Hero too! Can't sit for the next episode! ��

  2. I absolutely love making gift packs of cards as gifts! For my very special friends and family I make batches of 10 Christmas cards and gift them when I send their Christmas card to them! That way they can send 10 of their special people handmade cards too! I include a pen and postage so all they have to do is fill out the inside of the card and the envelope and send them off! Thanks for the great post!

    1. Barbara, that is an EXCELLENT idea! Way to go, woman!

  3. Nailed it, Killed it, Crushed it! Again. Thank you!

    1. LOL Thank you so much Laura!!!!! Woo hoo!

  4. Great job love all this advise! I've been making gift packs for friends maybe its time to branch out. ;-)

    1. Heck ya, it is!!!!! Thank you, Ericka!

  5. Wow! Another amazing poadcast! Thanks for sharing!

  6. My first podcast and i loved it . Thank you miss suzanne a great help for us newbies to the craft sales world xx

    1. YEAH! So glad you enjoyed it and welcome to our podcast!

  7. I make card sets for gifts quite often. One of my favorites is to make thank you notes for people I know who have had a significant medical issue/illness. I know they want to show their appreciation for the support they have received, but may be limited in getting to a store to purchase such notes. What better way to do this than customized thank you notes for these personal messages?!
    Your podcasts are always so informative. One question I have on the cost breakdown you offered is why you don't factor in the cost of the inks and stamps?
    Thanks again for providing so much insight with a very interesting and enjoyable delivery.

    1. Hi Meg! In our first podcast (I think it was the first LOL) I talked about the breakdown of stamps and stamping supplies. For a single layer card, I didn't go into too much, but you are right, I should have added it in. Typically what I do for stamps and ink, is add a blanket $.20 to the card. Primarily because your stamps are reusable and some of our stamps we get our money's worth out of them quicker than others; Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, flowers, etc. Most inks can be refilled so the pennies on the dollar use is quick low. I have an Excel spreadsheet that I used to use that I am hoping to be able to share in the coming months. =) Maybe I should do a podcast on just pricing!

    2. Thanks for the additional information, Suzy. I am beginning to sell my creations and have found pricing them is a challenge at times. Your advice has been very helpful for both the pricing and detail to offer.

  8. Looks like I need to check out Gina K's cardstock!