Friday, December 30, 2016

Making Industry Specific Cards

Imagine if you knew for certain exactly who you were targeting to sell your cards to.  What could you accomplish?  How much time would you save?  How effective would you be?  Today, we are going to go over the power of knowing exactly who and the industries to target.


Try Making Industry Specific Cards
  • Easy to market
  • Fills a need
  • Repeat customers
Consider Making Cards for the Real Estate Market
  • Thank you
  • Welcome to Your New Home
  • Change of Address Gift Packs
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary of New Home Purchase
  • Holiday 
Promote Yourself
  • Networking Meetings
  • Show how your cards benefit their business
  • Schedule a meeting to present your services
  • Mail a card to them
  • Leave a small set of thank you cards as gift
Other Markets to Target
  • Bakers
  • Consultants
  • Life Coaches
  • Pet Sitters
  • House Keepers
Putting Together a Plan
  • What cards make sense
  • What designs work for their industry and their price point
  • How can your cards benefit their business
  • How can you make their life easier
  • Where you will market yourself
  • Who will you target
  • How will you set yourself apart
  • Use QUALITY supplies
  • Use QUALITY tools
  • Use the MISTI

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Art of the Thank You Card

When was the last time you sent or received a thank you card?  On today's podcast, we are going to discuss not only the importance of sending them, but the styles and how to create a niche market for yourself.  Plus, January is National Thank You Month so what better time to get started on making thank you cards then right now?


  • Why send thank you cards
  • Impact they have
  • Find the style that works for you
    • Are you planning on purchasing or making
    • Are they for business or personal
    • Do you want to buy store bought or handmade
  • Making Your Own
    • Make them for yourself
    • Make them as gifts
    • Make them to sell
  • Card Style
    • A2 Full Card 4.25" x 5.5" (folded)
    • Postcard size 4.25" x 5.5" (no fold)
    • No 10 Card 4" x 9.25" (folded)
    • No 10 Postcard style 4" x 9.25" (no fold)
  • Things to Keep in Mind
    • Ease of mailing
    • Cost of postage
    • Send ready
    • Sign ready - not a lot of open space
    • Quality supplies
    • Research the market you plan on targeting
  • Markets to Target
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Direct Sales Agents; Plexus, Lula Roe, Pampered Chef, Perfectly Posh, etc.
    • Hair Stylist
    • Teachers
    • Moms
  • Packaging and Presentation
  • Resources

Terri's Thank You Card

Friday, December 16, 2016

Why Card Making

If you have ever wondered why you should look at card making as a possible hobby, this is the podcast for you.  Not only are we going to go over why you would want to, but we will also cover the benefits, what makes it attractive, where do you start and what do you need to get you on your way.


Why is card making such an alluring hobby?

  • Instant gratification
  • Quick and easy to share
  • Relaxing
  • Extremely supportive community of crafting people
  • You don't need to be artistic to be creative
  • Make you extra money to help support your hobby

  • 6 mini ink cubes
  • Acrylic block
  • Tape runner
  • Stamps
  • Pre-cut and scored cards
  • Envelopes
  • Pre-cut card stock pieces for layering

Kimberly Rendino's Counter Card she made using the kit

Catherine Pooler's The Foundation Box
  • 3 Stamp Sets
  • 5 Inks
  • Acrylic block
  • Scored card stock for your card bases

Links Referenced

Stamp Junkies Facebook Group - hands down the best out there
Justine Hovey YouTube Channel - she has some terrific videos for making cards that aren't overwhelming

Stamp Companies to Get You Started

So Suzy Stamps - Yes, I am quite biased, but it's totally true

What got you into card making?  I would love to see your stories so please leave us a comment!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Benefits of Creating Gift Packs

Creating gift packs of cards to sell or to give as gifts is a wonderful way to create a fabulous market for yourself and clean out your stash. Do it correctly and you essentially have the perfect Henry Cavill trifecta; Henry Cavill, Clark Kent and Superman!


Gift Packs Should Be

  • Quality Card Stock
  • Completed on the Inside
  • Matching Envelope
  • Packaged Nicely
Pricing Breakdowns

Cut it in half for one card = $.16
Add a Gina K Envelope = $.29 per envelope
Total Cost for a Single Layer Card = $.45

If you switch out the Gina K Envelope for a Stampin Up Envelope = $.016
Total Cost for a Single Layer Card using Gina K Paper and SU Envelope = $.32

If you have an 8-card Gift Pack using SU envelopes and Gina K paper = $2.56
The entire set of 8 cards with envelopes comes out to $3.41

Consider Giving Sets Of
  • Christmas or Holiday Cards
  • Birthday
  • Thank You's
  • Generic Cards
Themed Packs for Family and Friends
  • Family - Assortment of Birthday Cards
  • Friends - Birthday Cards is safe
  • Teachers - Generic Cards with Cool Quotes
  • Girlfriends - Snarky or Motivational Cards
  • Co-Workers - Thank Yous or Birthday Cards


Pictures of Henry Cavill as Superman, because he is just yummy

Friday, December 2, 2016

Interview with Mark Hill - CEO of the Craft & Hobby Association

Today, we interview Mark Hill the CEO of the Craft and Hobby Association.  With Creativation just around the corner, we wanted to find out about the changes, the benefits of attending Creativation and find out who his favorite meet up was!


  1. Inside scoop behind the face lift of Creativation from the Mega Show
  2. Examples of how bloggers can grow and enhance their community by attending Creativation
  3. Benefits of joining the Craft & Hobby Association for start-ups, professional crafters and makers as well as business owners
  4. Mark's advice on how to grow your influence within the industry
  5. Mark's favorite "crafting celebrity"
  6. Find out why there will be hazmat suits at Creativation this coming year!

January 19th - 23rd
Phoenix, AZ

Become a Member and Join Us in Phoenix!  

Start Up - Maker/DYI'er Membership

Register to Attend Creativation Without Membership

Friday, November 25, 2016

Every Card Maker's Hell - Masculine Cards

I don't know about you, but guy cards are the bane of my very existence.  Today, we are going to talk about those annoying masculine cards, give you some quick pointers on how to get out of your creative rut and fill you in on some money saving tips.


  1. Who is the card for?
    1. Friend
    2. Co-Worker
    3. Family Member
    4. Friend
    5. Random Dude
  2. Determine the style for the card
    1. 1-Layer Card
    2. Clean and Simple (CAS)
    3. Interactive
  3. What is your inspiration
    1. Fall
    2. Beachy
    3. Nautical
    4. Sports
    5. Travel
    6. Steampunk
    7. Vintage
  4. Which stamps to use
    1. Seasonal
    2. Travel
    3. Tropical
  5. Embellishments to try
    1. Nuvo Crystal Drops
    2. Twine
    3. Burlap
    4. Buttons
    5. Brads
    6. Texture Paste
  6. Creating your niche
    1. Make sure your blog, website or Etsy shop reflects the theme of your cards
    2. Everything you do should scream your style, your brand and your focus

Friday, November 18, 2016


We have WINNERS!

The winner from the Wedding Cards - Finding Your Niche Market Podcast is:

We also still have our unclaimed Mini MISTI from the Stamping for the Holidays Podcast  Miss Beverly, if you are out there, please be sure and contact us so we can get that out to you!

Ladies, please shoot us an email with your full name and mailing address so we can get your prizes out to you!  suzy (at) sosuzystamps (dot) com

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway contests!  We hope you are enjoying the podcasts and our wonderful show sponsors!

Don't forget to check out today's podcast on Using Snark the Right Way!

Until next time,
Happy Stamping

Using Snark the Right Way

CAUTION: This podcast episode is all about snark.  If you are easily offended, I highly recommend checking out one of our other podcasts.  If you plan on listening with children in the room, I would wait until they are busy playing or put on head phones.

 On today's podcast, we are going to be discussing the wonderful world of snark and all the silliness that goes with it.  Now, Snark isn't for everyone so it's very important to fully understand the what, why, who, how and where behind it.


What is snark? Simply put, it is sarcasm.

Birthday Card for my Brother - Front

And the inside =)
Using Snark the Right Way
  • Know your audience
  • Understand the difference between Snark and Crude
  • Make sure you are selling it appropriately and respectfully
  • If you are selling your snarky cards, hide the sentiment on the inside as a special surprise
  • If you are on a Design Team, the sentiment should be on the outside OR take a picture of the card ensemble before you tape the inside to the card
Why Should You Use Snark
  • It's funny
  • Lighthearted
  • Can alleviate fear
Who Should You Send It To
  • Test it out on family members and friends who have a sense of humor
  • Understand the person before you send it
My Favorite Snarky Stamp Companies
Where Can You Share Your Snarky Cards

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wedding Cards - Finding Your Niche Market

On today's podcast, we are going to dive deeper into creating your perfect niche market. Knowing your niche market will assist you in being able to clearly identify your area of expertise and will help build your brand, your business and your style.  If you have a very elegant or shabby chic card making style, you can easily parlay that into a wedding card based niche market.  By using stylish, classy and unique wedding stamps,  you will be able to offer your clientele sophisticated yet exclusive handmade wedding cards.

We also have a special sponsor for today's show along with a special give-a-way for one lucky listener!  A big thank you to Effie Cho from The Ton!  Be sure and listen to the podcast for the details on how to enter!  You can also find us on Facebook.  Contest runs from November 11th - 17th.  The winner will be announced on our blog and Facebook page on Friday, November 18th.

The Ton 


If you are going to be making wedding cards, you need to have these three things on hand at all times:

  1. High Quality Card Stock - Gina K Heavy Base Weight Card Stock
  2. Extreme Attention to Detail
  3. Quality and Unique Stamps and Supplies
    1. The Ton Stamps
    2. So Suzy Stamps
    3. MISTI
Justine Hovey has some fabulous video tutorials on creating bridal invitations as well as an entire bridal ensemble!  Be sure and check them out for some fabulous ideas!

Guest Ensemble 
  • Congratulations on your engagement
  • Bridal shower card
  • Bridal shower gift tag
  • Wedding card
  • Wedding gift tag
  • 1 year anniversary card
Bridal Ensemble Options
  • Engagement announcements
  • Save the date
  • Wedding invitations
  • Response cards
  • Thank you cards for the wedding gifts
  • Bridal shower invitations
  • Thank you cards for the bridal shower gifts
  • Bachelorette Party invites
  • Special thank you cards for the Bridal Party
  • Thank you cards for the wedding vendors
  • Special card for the bride and groom to give each other the night of the wedding
Decisions to Make
  1. Identify your card making style and purchase quality supplies based upon your style
  2. Determine who you are planning on targeting, the bride or the guest
  3. Create sample cards to showcase and determine how much time you have to dedicate to making the cards
  4. Decide whether or not you want to make the cards or host classes for the bride and friends to make their own
The Ton Giveaway

Plus One

Haute Wedding

Born Classy

Friday, November 4, 2016

Find Your Niche Market

I want to thank everyone who participated in our Mini MISTI giveaway from My Sweet Petunia!  Everyone's holiday card making plans have been fabulous and I am so happy that some of my tips in last week's show were helpful to you.  Before we get on with the show notes for today's podcast, I think we have a winner announce!

Congratulations, BeverlyBL and please send us an email at suzy (at) sosuzystamps (dot) com with your name and mailing address so we can get it shipped out to you.  Now you are ready to rock and roll with all of those cards!

Today we start with the first podcast in our Finding Your Niche Market Series AND thanks to all of the support from our listeners, our podcast is officially going to air every week on Friday!  Woo hoo!


What is a niche?  A niche is an activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.  (Merriam Webster)

Sample of one of Monica's passport cards
  • In the realm of cardmaking, a niche is going to be the:
    • Type
    • Style
    • Occasion
  • A niche market will be the people you want to target to help:
    • Increase sales
    • Build your community
  • Why is it so important to know your niche market?
    • Help make you money
    • Build your crafting community
    • Guide you when joining design teams
    • Assist in keeping you from hitting a creative wall
    • Set yourself apart from the competition
  • Figure out your niche market by asking yourself:
    • Why do you want to find your niche market?
    • What type of cards am I most known for?
    • What is my card making style?
    • Who do I need to target?
    • What sets me apart?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Stamping for the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, the assembly line card making frenzy is upon us.  We are going to shed some light on how you can get all of your cards out the door and with your sanity intact!

We also have a special sponsor for this episode with a FABULOUS giveaway to help you with all of your holiday stamping needs!  All you have to do is listen to the podcast, let us know what your holiday card plans are in the comments on our blog or on our So Suzy Podcast Facebook Page.


  1. Check out the MISTI in action
  2. Visit My Sweet Petunia to pick up your MISTI
  3. Make your list
  4. Design your card
  5. Get your supplies
  6. Prep your paper
  7. Set up your assembly line
  8. Put your cards together
  9. Send them out
Order your stamps online -
Don't forget your tape runner - my personal favorite is the 3M Scotch Tape Applicator

Friday, October 21, 2016

Build Your Crafting Community

Whether you are working toward your Dream Design Team, looking to earn some extra money or wanting to be an industry leader, it is all about building your own crafting community.  On today's podcast, we are going to show you how to build, grow and cultivate the loyalty of your followers.  We will also be discussing how our experts use social media to grow their communities and hear some fabulous tips from them when you are out promoting yourself.


Jessica Frost-Ballas - All the Sparkle
Kymona Tracey - Kreative Kymona
Laurel Beard - Paper Crafts by Laurel Beard
Lydia Fiedler - Community and Website Manager of Splitcoaststampers, blogger and moderator of Online Card Classes Crafty Chats
Marci Snee - Stamp Junkies Admin
Steph Ackerman - Stephanie Scraps

Looking to have your cards published?  Try Scrap & Stamp Arts

"A crafting community is about having a venue for you to go to share ideas, encourage creativity and provide support to those around you." - Suzanne Moore

  1. Why do YOU need a crafting community?
  2. WHO do you need in your community?
  3. Build the foundation of your community
  4. Growing your community is about becoming more visible
  5. Cultivate loyalty
  6. If you get the chance, meet the people in your community

You can find more of our Quick Tips by following us on Twitter just search for #sosuzypodcast to get the latest Quick Tip.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Being on a Design Team

Have you ever wanted to be on a design team, but didn't know how?  Perhaps you are already part of a team, but you want to know how to make yourself indispensable.  Today, we are going to cover the three different perspectives of what a design team does from the point of view of the company, design team member and the audience they target.

Be sure and check out Justine's video for more information on being on a Design Team.

Company Point of View

A DT Members are:

  • Promoters
  • Influencers
  • Ambassadors
They should be:
  • Professional
  • Personable
  • Focus on Quality
  • Enthusiastic
Be able to:
  • Meet deadlines
  • Be organized
  • Be Flexible
  • Be Reliable

Design Team Member 

Benefits for a DT Member
  • Free Product
  • Exposure 
  • Funding your hobby
  • Meet new friends
Research before your join
  • Do they fit with your card making style
  • Is it a conflict of interest with your current design team 
  • How is the company's crafting community

What the Target Audience is Looking For

Why they like a design team
  • Inspiration
  • Personal relationships and interaction
  • Want something fresh and new

Friday, September 23, 2016

Find Your Card Making Style

Show Notes and Links

Identify your Card Making Style - We have links to our Pinterest Boards to give you samples of the different styles

Our Industry Experts and Links to Their Blogs

Friday, September 9, 2016

Selling Your Cards

Show Notes and Links

  • Think outside of the box as to WHERE you can sell your cards
  • Identify the needs of WHO will be buying them
  • Set yourself APART from the competition
  • Make EXTRA money because of the extra attention to detail
  • FOCUS on your photographs and presentation
Oak Creek Print Works for jackets and sleeves

An example of a portion of the set up I used for selling my cards through open houses in my home.