Monday, June 26, 2017

MIHM with Marcia Francois the Organising Queen

Welcome to Made It Happen Monday with Marcia Francois the Organising Queen!  Today we talk to Marcia about living life intentionally, how to find time to do the things you love and her advice for finding the perfect planner for your lifestyle.


Marcia's Main Purpose or Focus - "Inspire people to take action."

Why Marcia thinks people sabotage themselves when it comes to finding time to do things they love - "It's a badge of honor to be busy"

"I have enough time for everything that is important to me." - Marcia Francois
Advice for people who are struggling with finding the perfect planner:
 "Go with simplicity and you need to know yourself"

Marcia's piece of advice for those of us who are crafters
 "Know in advance what you want to do and set up your environment for success." -Marcia Francois

Marcia's Favorites

Favorite organizing or time management system - Meal Planning
Favorite service she offers - Coaching
Favorite Pen(s)

  • Pilot G2 .7mm
  • Pentel EnerGel .7mm

About Marcia

Don't forget to use coupon code WELCOME when purchasing any of her eBooks for 20% off!

Marcia and I in Stirling

First night in town and she talked me into eating Indian food!
You will need to follow us on Instagram to see pictures of my nightmare and my progress thus far!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Catching Up and Heading Out - Junkie Fest

We are headed out to our very first card retreat that I have not hosted!  The Stamp Junkies are descending upon Gina K's, Village Paper & Ink in Wisconsin for a ton of fun, lots of laughs and some major card making.  On today's episode, we talk about getting ready for going to a Retreat, supplies to bring and how I created my amazing lists!


What to Bring - Check out our Preparing Your Go Bag podcast for more detailed information

Be Courteous - Use a purse hook to hang your Bunkie Bag from the table so it doesn't take up so much space on the table.

My List

Isn't this just the cutest?  List with the envelope pocket

List is 5" x 2.75"
Envelope Pocket is 3" x 4"

Supplies Used

Lavinia Freya's Fairy House Stamp
Brutus Monroe Clickable Letter Stamps
Gina K CardStock
So Suzy Stamp Peacock Plumes Ink Bites

Don't Forget

Next week is our last week for our Planner Series, to be eligible to win one of our 9 fabulous prizes, please head on over and leave a comment on which Planner option is your favorite!

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Jessica Marie Design - Custom Printable Planners

Welcome back to Week 4 of our Planner Series with Jessica Marie Design.  Jessica designs and creates Printable Planners that you can simply download and print or if you need something custom, she can design planner pages that work for you and your needs.  I have been using Jessica for several years and she never fails to wow me with her ability to take what's in my head and make something invaluable for my planning needs.  Plus, she shares with us a few of her planner hacks on how YOU can decide which planner is best for YOUR lifestyle.


If you are having a hard time figuring out the type of layout that works best for your lifestyle, Jessica recommends downloading sample planner layouts, use them for a week and see which one you prefer before purchasing a planner.

Try Jessica's Free Downloads

Jessica's Favorites

Favorite Paper to Use to Print - Cardstock
Favorite Planner Layout - Business Daily Planning Page

Favorite Printable Design - Colorful Stripes and Confetti

Favorite Printable - Password Log Page

Suzanne's Custom Printables

Podcast Planner Kit

Where to Find Jessica Marie Design

Etsy Shop

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Monday, June 19, 2017

MIHM - Katy Weade from Blitsy

It's Made It Happen Monday with Katy Weade co-founder of Blitsy!  Today we talk with Katy on how Blitsy came to life, how to get your products onto their site, secret of something super fabulous coming out soon and where Blitsy is going in the future!


Main Focus of Blitsy 

  • Buying Guides
  • Loves to work with Brands to get their products out to the world
  • THE destination for shopping and learning

Katy's Favorites

Where to Find Blitsy

Want to see if you can get your products carried on Blitsy?  

Email: support (at) Blitsy (dot) com

Blitsy Secrets

Oh, you're going to have to listen for those!

Let us know what your favorite part about shopping at Blitsy is!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Importance of Listening to Your Customers

Listening to your followers and customers is an integral part of the success of you, your brand and your business.  Understanding what they want and need will help to garner their loyalty and allow you to grow and continue to to offer value added content and products.  Find out the importance of listening to your customers and followers in today's podcast.


Why You Should Listen

"Not listening to your customers is equal to not looking at your fuel gauge before heading off for a road trip."

Case Studies

@KreativeKymona Instagram - Did You Know? Series

  • Customers asked she provided
  • Value to the consumer and manufacturer
"Not only does Kymona's series benefit her followers, but the companies whose products she was featuring also found value in her Did You Know? series."
  • Mini MISTI
  • Memory MISTI
"By listening to her customers, Iliana has made not only a fabulous tool, but better business decisions because of the feedback from her customer."

 Paper Clip Planet

  • Quality over Trendy
  • High quality, long lasting signature toppers that will satisfy her customers
"Annie chose to listen to her brand and satisfy her customers with their need for quality versus trendy products."

 Store Owners

Stamp Companies

  • Get your designs ready now for the holidays
  • Launch your holiday stamps in September/October


  • Know your market, your customer and the theme
  • Think logically

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What do your customers want?
  • What would they like to know?
  • How will they find, identify and know you?
  • Why do they want what you have?
  • And if they don't...what DO they want?
"Sometimes it is about satisfying the customers you have versus finding ones who want what you offer."

Links Referenced

Kymona Tracey
Justine Hovey
My Sweet Petunia/MISTI
Paper Clip Planet
Price. Market. Sell.  Your Handmade Cards Online Class

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